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Let Me Go
Let Me Go
When I water down the things I feel it only makes me drown.
Do you know what it's like to be in this mind of mine?
I think that everything you do is fake and weak; do you see the same in me?
I try to be like you but all I do is drown in all of that watering down.
Do you wish you could breathe like me? Do you like to drown?
I don't want to be you, but I don't know me.
If I walk away will I find who that person is? This mysterious me?
I don't know but I need to try. Don't hate me. Just let me go
:iconrenaebrasil:RenaeBrasil 1 0
When I'm alone I fear the dark
When I'm with you I'm still afraid
Am I alone when I'm with you?
Do you only stay in phantom form?
Are you really so far away?
I feel as if you are.
Can't you stay for once?
Hold me in the dark?
Chase my fears away?
Or were you just a phantom all along?
:iconrenaebrasil:RenaeBrasil 2 0
Do You Know Me?
Do you know me?
Who I am?
Where I've been?
What I've done?
Do you really know me?
I think that you don't really want to know.
Know that I'm different.
Know that I'm clever.
Know that I will do what I can to be strong.
I think that you don't want to know that I'm not who you thought me to be.
I think that you feel that you know every drop of my blood and beat of my heart.
You don't.
You have no idea who I am inside.
You have no idea what I've done to survive.
I think that you're confident that you have every action pegged and every thought read.
In truth I know me.
Only I know me.
What you know is what I share.
If I trusted you then you would know me.
In truth I don't trust you to know me as I know me.
Give me a reason to feel you won't cause me pain.
Show me that you won't lie.
Show me you won't betray.
Show me that what I fear won't come to be.
Give me reason to believe that what happened before won't happen again.
I don't think that you will though.
You won't change.
You won't be tru
:iconrenaebrasil:RenaeBrasil 1 0
Snippets of Life
"Will you marry me?"
"Don't you love me?"
"I love you."
"I don't."
"Life is hard."
"Did anyone ever tell you otherwise?"
"Well, no." Allie frowned. "It just shouldn't be so hard."
Adie smiled. "Why not?"
"Because it's not fair!"
"But how much of what's worth having is fair or easy in the getting?"
"Life sucks."
:iconrenaebrasil:RenaeBrasil 0 0
Don't Look at Me
Don't Look at Me
By Phina Rei Brasil
Don't look at me!
You won't like what you see.
Don't look at me!
'Cuz I'm finally free.
Don't look at me!
I know I'll disappoint you.
You won't see me,
My heart or who I am.
You won't see me.
You only want the sham.
You won't see me
Never really wanted to.
I can't hide it,
This person I've become.
I can't hide it,
So close your eyes and hum.
I can't hide it,
Not while in front of you.
So please don't look at me,
You'll only judge me too harshly.
I know you won't see me,
Just the evil you want to see.
And now I can't hide it,
Not from those I love as much as you.
:iconrenaebrasil:RenaeBrasil 1 2
Why we write
We do not write of greatness because we are great. We write of greatness because we hope it will inspire others and future generations to be great.
Would it change the beauty of a poet’s words to know that he did not feel them? That he only wished to feel them? Would it lessen the power of great words to know that the person with the pen did not embrace their meaning? That he wanted future generations to be able to feel and do what he could not bring himself to do?
Though those whose words we admire may disappoint us it is no reason to discount the words themselves. All men truly are created equal. A rose by any other name really does smell as sweet. Great words are great whether their author bears up under scrutiny or not.
Perhaps someday all of humanity will live up to their own grand words. Until then it is up to those who would stand for those words to step to the fore. Let us all honor the soldiers who stand for great thoughts as much as we do the writer of those thoughts. Wi
:iconrenaebrasil:RenaeBrasil 2 7
Dark Embrace
Dark Embrace
Phina Rei Brasil
I called out to the light
so bright and pleading
I got no answer
I cried out my deep love
to the shining light
The light never spoke
So I turned to the dark
crying out my pain
The dark embraced me
In the dark I was healed
through its cool, calm peace
The dark was mother
The darkness was calm and
comforting and safe
The darkness was home
The darkness showed me love
calm, gentle and cool
The darkness was love
The darkness loved me well
it gave me new joy
The darkness was hope
I looked to the darkness
and saw something new
The darkness was light
I had pushed away dark
not knowing its truth
Light is not alone
Not wicked or evil
as I had been told
Dark was pure and bright
Deep darkness and bright light
two halves to a whole
Now the light sees me
Now I stand in light
both sides hold me close
The dark gave me light.
:iconrenaebrasil:RenaeBrasil 0 0
Child of the Night
Child of the Night
Phina Rei Brasil
Barbed pleasure and silken fear,
wrap around me while
the demon whispers in my ear.
“Quick death then eternal life.
A painless end to
all your endless pain and strife.”
Love spurned me at every turn.
This dark one’s offer
would give me that for which I yearn.
But turn from all that I know?
Walk away with this
creature in whose blood ice does flow?
Am I truly ready now,
to bind myself to
him with my death and bloods dark vow?
Yet what really keeps me here?
I’ve never known love,
only just the taste of a tear.
So I sink into his kiss
and let him drink deep,
giving up this life I won’t miss.
His teeth find their mark.
My blood his wine, and
as he drinks I drift into dark
Never more to see the light,
I know when I wake
I’ll be like him, Child of the Night.
:iconrenaebrasil:RenaeBrasil 1 0
One Day
One Day
Phina Rei Brasil
One day I will be free
Free of the chains that bind me
One day I will know
Know what it is to be painless
One day I will feel
Feel that I am not a prisoner
One day I will be cleansed
Cleansed of all of the confusion
One day I will understand
Understand why that day isn’t today
:iconrenaebrasil:RenaeBrasil 0 0


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Phina Brasil
United States
Current Residence: Reno
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock, pop, and random indie crap


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